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hide & seek

jason's story

now i am not ashamed!

my story

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fruition to butterfly

killing me softly

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my journey

before and after

p's letter

to give you hope


my storm, my battle, my win


you are not alone


in your skin

tomorrow came


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breathing in the dark

broken wings

but I will survive





enough's enough...fighting back!!

even though people may not believe


from little girl

healing service


hitting a bad patch

i am not alone

i was a child

i survived

in my dreams

it will fade


janet's socks


last thing at night

listen to me

mama's coming home


my lament

new frontiers


one day

pervy pete

rape part one

rape part two

rose tinted spectacles

session fifteen

sometimes I lie awake

thank you

the untold truth

they're not all the same

true colours

today's session

waiting to exhale

what longs to be free

who am i

you, him and me


waking thoughts

walk towards love

when the night leaves the mountains

when will it be time?


I Was a Child



No, I won’t stay silent anymore.
No, I’m not your good little girl, your princess, your sunshine.
No, it isn’t my responsibility to save your marriage,
To hold the family together, to make you happy.
No, I’m not responsible that you and mum slept in separate beds,
That your family isn’t perfect.
No, it wasn’t nice or fun.
No, it wasn’t OK with me and I didn’t enjoy it.
No, your money won’t make it all better,
Your gifts don’t compensate me.
No, I won’t do anything for your love,
Your approval, your affection.
No, I won’t be blamed or lose respect if I tell what happened.
No, the sky won’t cave in and I won’t be left alone.
No, I won’t deny that it ever happened,
Suppress my feelings or play happy families.
No, I wasn’t horrible or evil.
No, I didn’t deserve it.
I was a child.

written by a woman in her 20s


"the fellowship of sharing in...sufferings"

The Bible, Philippians 3:10



unlocking the past
surviving the present
reclaiming the future
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